Effective strategy to boost your metabolic rate

Whenever you indulge in any exercise such as walking, swimming or running, increase the intensity for intervals of about 30 seconds, and then go back to your normal previous speeds.

This strategy as any personal trainer will tell you helps your body to eat up more oxygen and make your cells into powerhouses – the mitochondria. If you work harder you will burn more energy. A great way to obtain automatic weight loss is when the mitochondria increases and in turn it will burn efficiently the whole day.


The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you try to skip breakfast your body will get starved and your metabolism will slow down heavily to conserve your energy.

So your breakfast should be a well-balanced meal consisting of food that will take longer to digest and keep you from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. A good breakfast should contain a mix of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fats that are healthy. Eggs, oats and berries are ideal foods for breakfast.

If you follow the above tips or hire the services of a personal trainer you will find that you can exercise for a much lesser time plodding along at a boring pace, and yet surprisingly, you will be able to achieve very good results.

Things to Know about Personal Training Certifications

In this age, where everybody is conscious about eating healthy and staying fit, the personal training business is booming. If you have the passion for those six pack abs, have developed strong biceps and enjoy experimenting with different fitness regimes, then you are the perfect candidate for becoming a personal fitness trainer.

However, all clients expect certain standards including your prescribed fitness plan as well as personal trainer certification. So, when your client chooses you, it is because of those framed certificates hanging on your office walls.

If you want to acquire a personal training certificate, you need to keep the following factors in mind.

fitness courses

Choose from Various Personal Training Certifications           

If you are an experienced trainer specialising in krav maga or boxing, here is your chance to learn something new. Sign up for courses that offer you a different fitness specialisation.

While many online classes are available, you will be able pick up quickly during training sessions if you are physically present in the class. In addition, your trainer or professor will be able to correct your mistakes immediately, a definitive advantage over virtual classes.

Subsequently, you can also offer an enhanced variety of fitness regimes for your clients. Start with short term courses and then decide on a long term course. As you keep donning the selected office wall with your fitness courses you will gain a credible reputation.

Broaden Your Trainers’ Network

If you are beginner at being a trainer, your best back up is joining a personal trainer certifications group. You will learn business tips, smart marketing strategies and understand standard market practices when you attend the group’s seminar or meetings.

When you become a part of these groups, you also get a certification that works as a stamp of approval from the industry perspective.

However, don’t be misled by groups or associations that go by sophisticated names. It is always better to trust the recommendations of other personal trainers than joining one that is not recognised by the industry.

Certify Your Growing Career

If you want to increase your customer base, then take a step back and think like a customer. A client will always choose a trainer who has been endorsed by multiple personal training certifications.

In fact, a client does not mind shelling out more if he or she is convinced with your credibility and experience. And, the best way to build that confidence is showcase your wall of fame, which means the certificates that you have acquired over the years.

Experiment Your Way to Fame

While the certificates may convince your clients to join your training programmes, living up to those expectations comes with the wealth of knowledge that you acquire while working for those certificates. And, by offering different permutations and combinations to keep your client’s weight in check, you will soon turn into a celebrity trainer.

Holistic View

Fitness courses can help you to become the most talked about personal trainer as it gives a visual validation of your experience and expertise.

See a Chiropractor for Upper Back Pain

Even though upper back pain may not be one of the most common spinal disorders, it may cause remarkable pain and discomfort. Upper back pain usually, is most commonly triggered by muscular pain or myofascial pain and joint dysfunction. Upper back pain may be generated by an injury affecting the thoracic herniated disc or the degenerated disc in the upper back. This kind of injury may cause major upper back pain, however, such injuries are not very common. You may get in touch with an experienced chiropractor for effective treatment and remedy. A chiropractor may use spinal manipulation for pain relief.

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You must understand that there are multiple sources of dysfunction relating to the upper back or thoracic spine. There are numerous joints and muscles comprising thoracic spine and the rib cage. Even if one joint or muscle is inflamed or injured, it may cause incredible pain and dysfunction.

Lower Back Pain and Chiropractic

Chiropractic helps as basically a pain-relief alternative for joints, muscles, bones and even connective tissue like tendons, ligaments and cartilage. It may sometimes be used simultaneously with conventional medical treatment. Chiropractors are known to use spinal manipulation and some other alternative treatments.

They believe that the body may heal itself without any medication or surgery if body’s musculoskeletal structure is properly aligned. Chiropractic uses manipulation for restoring mobility to joints affected by tissue injury triggered by a trauma such as repetitive stress (for example sitting with no proper back support day in and day out) or falling.

Chiropractic and Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Myofascial adhesions or myofascial trigger points may arise due to injury, or overuse or chronic postural stress. This is what we call myofascial pain syndrome. Chiropractors usually treat myofascial pain syndromes with effective manual myofascial therapy. This therapy usually includes using direct pressure on the trigger point, or using one of the active myofascial release techniques called anchor-and-stretch.

Chiropractic and Thoracic Disc Herniation

Thoracic disc herniations are said to be relatively rare due to the restricted movement in thoracic spine because of the ribs’ bony barrier. They may be rare, but thoracic disc herniation could trigger tremendous pain and dysfunction. Most disc extrusions are said to regress naturally in a few months. Chiropractors try to alleviate the pressure and pain triggered by disc herniation.

Chiropractic treatment in case of thoracic disc herniation may include any one of the following techniques or a combination of them. Chiropractic treatment may include Adjustments, Ergonomic training, Distraction or traction, Specific exercises or Physical modalities (ice, heat, cold laser, electrical stimulation). Nutritional support is suggested by some chiropractors for reducing swelling and pain associated with disc-herniation.

Chiropractic and Dysfunctional Joint

Chiropractic care may prove to be effective for some other upper back problems, namely thoracic joint dysfunction, shoulder dysfunction and thoracic outlet syndrome associated with the upper spine. Various chiropractic-adjustment techniques may be employed for adjusting a dysfunctional joint. Most chiropractors use manual adjusting techniques for normalizing joint function. A chiropractor may employ relatively softer techniques such as directional adjusting techniques. Your chiropractor may even employ adjusting instruments as per your requirements.

Five Resistance Band Exercises Anyone Can do

If you have been working out regularly and are tired of your normal regime, it might help to consider using resistance band training. Resistance band training helps you to tone your body and build muscle. It is easy to perform and doesn’t require the same efforts as when you use weights to work out. Furthermore, you can perform these exercises for a stretch of fifteen minutes everyday and experience great results. Resistance band training is popular among people who like to stay fit but do not have too much time on hand to work out. Here are five easy exercises that anyone can do.

Lunge with Biceps

Like you would perform a normal lunge, you can perform a lunge using the resistance band. Lunge at a time on each side and use the resistance band at the same time. Keep one end below a leg and use the other hand to pull. Finish one stretch for one side and then move on to the next side. These exercises will help you build your arm and leg strength.

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Just like you would hug someone, you can adopt the same action for an exercise. Put the resistance band behind you and act like you are hugging someone, pulling the band in front and then taking it behind again. Repeat this in sets of ten each for about five minutes or more. Your upper arms and chest muscles will strengthen with this exercise. You will also experience a toned upper body.

Crunch with Pull Down

Like you would perform a normal crunch, you can put one end of the band under one leg and crunch pulling the band with the other hand. Finish one side then move on to the next side. Do this exercise a couple of times in sets of ten each or more if you can. Your arms and stomach muscles will strengthen by performing this exercise regularly. If you are not used to performing crunches, first perform crunches without the band before using the band for the exercises.

Side Lunge

Like you would bend down and let one arm touch one foot diagonally and so on, it would help to use the resistance band while you perform normal lunges. Let one end of the band be under one foot. Repeat the exercise on each side and pull the band with one hand from the other side. It will help you tone your legs and arms as well as improve overall toning. Practice a few lunges without the band before you start using the band along with the lunges.


This exercise is very easy. Put the band under your feet and keep enough for each hand to be able to hold a part of the band. Keep your legs apart and then life one arm that is holding the band and then move on to the other arm. The moves would look like a monkey moving hence the name monkey!

Perth Personal Trainer

I am John Berry, a professional Perth Personal Trainer with years of experience in the field of fitness training. I have spent more than a decade training clients from different walks of life. I used to train in various gyms in the UK. Over the years, I learnt more skills on the job and moved to the USA. In the field of fitness, experience counts, it helps you teach your exercises in a clearer manner with finesse. Along with experience, another important factor is adequate certification. You need to come across as a reliable trainer in front of new clients! The best way to do that is through reference or by showing off your certifications!

I pursued a degree in fitness training after realizing how passionate I was about the field. When I started out as a trainer in the UK, I enjoyed the simplicity of learning new exercises from my senior trainers and teaching them to clients. Over the years, my skills developed and I became more professional in my manners. It was easier to deal with a variety of clients and help them achieve their objective.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I enjoy exercising and if I can help others achieve their fitness goals by doing what I like doing, it makes everything worthwhile! I plan to get more certifications in place, in the field of fitness. I may also upgrade my certifications in the area of diet management and advice. It takes a balance of good diets and proper exercises to help you lose weight or stay healthy. You can either choose to go to professional trainer or dietician to get that balance or make one for yourself. Many a times, people do not achieve their fitness objectives because they have either not been eating right or they do not exercise correctly.

When it comes to exercise, it is important to be regular at it. This is where the role of the personal trainer is important. The Perth Personal Trainer will be able to motivate you and help you. I can be hired as a Perth Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Lose weight with Group Training

Working out in the gym all by yourself can get boring and may not show results if you are not practicing your routine under the guidance of an expert. Rushcutters Bay group training programs are designed to help you achieve your results of weight loss by making the sessions exciting. So if you are looking for a training program that incorporates fun with some serious exercise, group training Rushcutters Bay sessions are specially cut out for you.

The programs are intensive and are guaranteed to help you lose weight with the help of your personal trainer. The exercises are unconventional and are sure to fill your exercise routine with excitement. Discussed below are a few exercises that you can expect to participate in at a group training in Rushcutters Bay.

Group training can vary from exercises that are performed in the confinement of a gym to sports played in a football field. Depending on the orientation of the group a trainer can devise programs to suit the needs of the participants.

Cardio Routines – Rushcutters Bay group training could include cardio exercises if that is the need for people who have enrolled in the program. From running around the park to using the treadmill at the gym, the group can participate in a cohesive cardio workout under the astute guidance of a personal trainer.

Strength exercises – Cardio exercises help in weight loss. On the other hand strength exercises help in strengthening the core of the body and various muscles. Strength exercises can vary from lifting weights to lunges to squats and many more variations. A good personal trainer will design a program that is power packed with workouts that help participants achieve desired results of staying fit.

Sports – Group exercises can also be undertaken in the form of sports. Sports that help build one’s stamina can be interesting and bring out one’s competitive side as well. Sports training helps build overall strength and also actively helps in weight loss.

It is usually the trainer’s responsibility to design a program that suits the needs of the participants. Group Training in Rushcutters bay is indeed the best way to lose weight if you are focussed and have a good personal trainer to guide you through your sessions. The program is not mundane and the scope of achieving overall health and fitness is immense as you are constantly motivated by people around you.

So, if you do want to get off your boring routine at the gym? Start scouting for a group that is looking to achieve the same results you are.