Five Resistance Band Exercises Anyone Can do

If you have been working out regularly and are tired of your normal regime, it might help to consider using resistance band training. Resistance band training helps you to tone your body and build muscle. It is easy to perform and doesn’t require the same efforts as when you use weights to work out. Furthermore, you can perform these exercises for a stretch of fifteen minutes everyday and experience great results. Resistance band training is popular among people who like to stay fit but do not have too much time on hand to work out. Here are five easy exercises that anyone can do.

Lunge with Biceps

Like you would perform a normal lunge, you can perform a lunge using the resistance band. Lunge at a time on each side and use the resistance band at the same time. Keep one end below a leg and use the other hand to pull. Finish one stretch for one side and then move on to the next side. These exercises will help you build your arm and leg strength.

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Just like you would hug someone, you can adopt the same action for an exercise. Put the resistance band behind you and act like you are hugging someone, pulling the band in front and then taking it behind again. Repeat this in sets of ten each for about five minutes or more. Your upper arms and chest muscles will strengthen with this exercise. You will also experience a toned upper body.

Crunch with Pull Down

Like you would perform a normal crunch, you can put one end of the band under one leg and crunch pulling the band with the other hand. Finish one side then move on to the next side. Do this exercise a couple of times in sets of ten each or more if you can. Your arms and stomach muscles will strengthen by performing this exercise regularly. If you are not used to performing crunches, first perform crunches without the band before using the band for the exercises.

Side Lunge

Like you would bend down and let one arm touch one foot diagonally and so on, it would help to use the resistance band while you perform normal lunges. Let one end of the band be under one foot. Repeat the exercise on each side and pull the band with one hand from the other side. It will help you tone your legs and arms as well as improve overall toning. Practice a few lunges without the band before you start using the band along with the lunges.


This exercise is very easy. Put the band under your feet and keep enough for each hand to be able to hold a part of the band. Keep your legs apart and then life one arm that is holding the band and then move on to the other arm. The moves would look like a monkey moving hence the name monkey!