Functional Fitness Trainers Marketing Tips

Getting more clients for your functional training business is a constant challenge that all functional trainer and fitness instructors face. It is important to use various online marketing strategies to attract new clients and sell your skills to them

Word of mouth
This is the most common and widely used fitness marketing tool that is often overlooked by many. There is no better marketing tool than having an existing client advertise your services to procure new members for your services. This is the precise reason why you must keep your existing clients happy with your services and occasionally reward their loyalty by giving them goodies, discounts, schemes and free training sessions.

Ask your existing clients to get new memberships and reward them for it. Many functional trainers come up with such schemes and organize competitions. This encourages clients to advertise your services and get new clients. For every referral that they make, they can be awarded with loyalty points which they can redeem for a gift or for free training sessions.

The internet can be a great way to find new clients, particulary Google and Bing. Fitness SEO is big business for those who know search engine optimization.

Be Different
Stand out in the market place, learn new skills and train with tools that will set you apart. Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs is a great place to buy functional training equipment and I highly recommend you start there before you go to one of the big retailers.

Macebell Training Affects Your Mass Weight

You will notice an increase in your weight when you start engaging yourself in doing macebell exercises for a longer period of time. This may sound absurd to you because you normally believe that your workout sessions should bring about weight loss. When I joined Dangerously Fit, our gada workouts were 45-minutes long.

Your muscles, the amount of air in your lungs, blood count, urine and the tissues tend to increase immediately after you exercise. Hence, the next time you step on those weighing scales right after an exercise and you notice an increase in your weight.

Do not curse yourself for not losing your fats because the calculation shown on the scales is not just about your fats. It’s also about a lot of other parts of your body that are responding to your workout sessions. Much of it will depend on how heavy is a macebell compared to your relative strength.

Mark Your Macebell in Social Media
You can add value to your macebell boot camp website’s ranking by writing fitness blogs and by sharing them on social media. It will be shared and re-shared by readers and their followers. Social media is a place where the discount or offer messages that you make will gain immediate reach.

Interact with Your Audience
You can include a call to action page to urge your readers to communicate and to convert them as your clients. You can allow them to book appointments or to give feedbacks. You can ensure higher client’s satisfaction by answering their queries in the form of updates for blogs and website.

Now you are all set to build a fabulous website. You can make yourself busy in your fitness training sessions while your well performing fitness marketing website does all the toil to drive in more clients to your business. If you want to join an outdoor fitness macebell boot camp then I highly recommend it. This type of training has done wonders for me and I’m sure will do the same for you.

Tips For Marketing Your Personal Training CEC Courses

Running personal trainer cec courses is very demanding. It is like a one-man show as you are in charge of everything – right from working with your clients, to handling the financial transactions, as well as marketing your business and having an awesome website design to bring on more clients. It can not only get tiring but also pinch your pocket as you have to plan carefully about every expense. So, if you are on a tight budget, then it will compromise on your fitness marketing strategy.

Alternatively, once you have invested in your website design you must also think of a few low cost fitness marketing ideas so that you are able to promote your business without spending much, then here are few tips.

Send press releases

Remember, since you are the start of your company, you have to constantly promote yourself. Write press releases and send it across the local and community newspapers. A press release is an effective way to reach out a lot of people in one go.

The icing on top would be if you are working with a local celebrity or an eminent personality. All you have to do is ask the celebrity or eminent personality to endorse your work in the press release. When a famous person recognises your work, then you are an instant hit and your demand increases around your area. Dangerously Fit Personal Training are excellent at this, just take a look at their Facebook Page and you’ll see what I mean.

Flyer campaigns every month

It is so easy for people to forget your existence if you do not actively keep reminding them of your personal training business. As part of the fitness marketing strategy, flyer campaigns work really well. Write your content clearly and make sure your address is mentioned in bold. In addition, go for colours that are attractive. Yellow and black is a great combination and works every time to grab future customer’s attention. Visit for more information.

Get involved with your community

If your community is organising a marathon, then you can always volunteer and organise a booth. Since you are a personal trainer by profession, you can conduct workshops on what needs to be done to sustain your energy during a marathon. Keep the workshops free so that there are more and more members who can attend it. In the end, it is a win-win situation, as you are getting a strong exposure. In addition, when your suggested tips for the marathon work, you will earn more clients as they would start believing in your potential as a personal trainer.

Social media

Remember, there is nothing like spreading the message through social media. Create a page with your business name on Facebook and create a handle with the same on twitter. You can give out daily health tips, post videos of your workouts, post videos of your client’s testimonials. It will generate interest and create a buzz about your business on social media. Reach out to as many people asking them to like your page or follow you.

Keep your business card all the time

Business cards are your instant promotion cards. If you get introduced to anybody, just hand over your card and talk a little bit about your personal training business. In this way, you will attract a lot of young enthusiasts who want to focus on their health and fitness certifications.

Personal Trainer Business Develpoment

When choosing a fitness instructor qualification you should be aware that though diabetes is a common enough ailment these days, fitness trainers with clients suffering from this ailment, need to pay special attention when monitoring their exercise intensity. During any type of exertion, since diabetes makes it difficult to monitor the client’s heart rate, it is recommended that the trainer uses RPE i.e. ratings of perceived exertion.

Diabetic clients can develop a condition of low blood sugar if put through lengthy exercises. During your level 3 personal trainer courses you will have learnt that such clients need a sugar blood test both before and after the exercise, along with RPE monitoring. This will help to keep a check on the client’s intensity levels.

Different types of diabetes

To deal with situations as above, as a personal trainer you have to learn more about diabetes. There are three different types.

Type 1 diabetes is a condition which normally affects young adults and children when their bodies do not produce insulin, a hormone which regulates blood sugar. To control this condition insulin injections are given and the patient needs to have a balanced, healthy diet.

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body produces insulin, but is unable to use it, resulting in high blood sugar. This is the most common form of diabetes.

Type 3 diabetes is known as gestational diabetes. This condition is found in pregnant mothers when their sugar levels rise above normal. Studies reveal that during pregnancy the hormones regulating the blood sugar get blocked by hormones which are produced during the gestational period, leading to diabetes.

Workouts for diabetic clients

As mentioned above when you work with a client suffering from diabetes you need to take the right precautions. Details of such precautions will be available in a business course for personal trainers.

Tracking blood sugar levels

The body produces insulin and glucagon hormones through the pancreas. This happens so that blood sugar levels stay regulated. During a meal the blood sugar level goes up, and insulin gets released in the blood stream.

When this happens, the blood sugar level gets lowered and reverts to its resting levels. When the stomach is empty or there is a low blood sugar condition, glucagon gets released, raising the blood sugar level to normal.

Precautions to be taken:

As a personal trainer you should guide your diabetic clients to take the following precautions:

  1. Be vigilant on fasting glucose levels.
  2. Monitor blood glucose before and after the exercise.
  3. To avoid hypoglycemia, consume carbohydrates.
  4. If insulin is required, avoid injecting it into muscles that will be used during the exercise.
  5. Avoid becoming dehydrated the client should drink enough water.
  6. During peak insulin activity, exercises should be avoided.
  7. A regular regime of exercises should be followed with regard to time and intensity.
  8. Wearing a medical identification tag and exercising with a partner is advised.
  9. Care should be taken with regard to footwear. Clean socks and the right shoes should be worn so that problems like blisters, sores, cuts etc. do not occur.
  10. If the exercises start to cause pain, immediately discontinue the same.

Every client is unique, so will require tailored attention. Stay alert and keep in mind the lessons learnt during your fitness trainer certifications. You should then have no problem in training diabetic clients.

Interior Designer Shares Decorating Tips

Is a Laminate Floor Right for My Kitchen?

For many homeowners, it’s a tough decision whether or not to use laminate as flooring for the kitchen. There are both detractors and advocates of laminate flooring as moisture is the main deciding factor here. While some say that laminate flooring is just no-no for kitchens; others maintain that with the right kind of moisture control methods, laminate is one of the better options for covering your kitchen floor. 

So before you go ahead and decide on your kitchen flooring options, do check out with a local interior design expert about the pros and cons of laminate flooring for your kitchen. 

What is Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is basically a compressed board and not actual wood. It comprises three layers that are sandwiched together to create the laminate board. The layers are the core substrate; above which is the image layer and on top is the wear layer. The wear layer is made of clear melamine and its chief function is to protect the underlying image layer from regular wear and abuse. 

The durability of laminate flooring is based on AC rating system. Laminate sheets for residential purpose usually have an AC rating of 3 which is good enough for regular use over some years. 

If you want more durability, interior decoration in Sydney will advise you to go for laminates with rating of AC 4 that are usually used for commercial purpose but are now much preferred by many homeowners as these last longer. 

Maintaining your Kitchen Laminate Flooring 

The prime concern about using laminated sheets for kitchen flooring is the effect of moisture. It is common for your kitchen floor to get wet and no matter how quickly or how well you mop it up, some amount of water will seep in through the seams. 

However, other options such as porcelain or ceramic tiles are not totally water resistant either. If you let water accumulate on your ceramic tiles, even these will absorb the moisture and show discoloration and damage over the years. Sealing with grout is not really very effective as grout is extremely porous and the perfect corridor for water to seep into your tiles. 

Similarly, engineered wood or solid hardwood too has their limitations as far as water resistance is considered. 

So considering the above options, laminate flooring for your kitchen is just as good as any other if you can ensure regular and proper maintenance. 

Ensure Proper Sealing of Laminate Surface

A laminate sheet’s weakest area is the edges through which water seeps in. As mentioned earlier, laminates are compressed layers where the top is protected by the wear layer and the bottom too has a coating for protection. However, the edges remain uncovered and are thus susceptible to absorbing moisture. 

So if you love laminates for your kitchen flooring, its wise to hire the best Sydney interior decorator companies to install the sheets and seal them properly. When done by professionals, the top of the laminate flooring is installed in such a way that it becomes practically seamless with no pores for water to soak through. The sides are covered tightly with quarter-rounds or baseboards thereby making your kitchen laminate flooring practically water-proof. 

Boost your Child’s Metabolism Through Fitness

Four Tips to Boost your Child’s Metabolism Through Fitness

kids boot camp running

In today’s world, every child person is inundated with information about the right kind of diet to follow. From your kids personal trainer, to your class mates at school, everyone has an opinion on what you should eat to lose weight. Children’s Fitness Sydney is a program dedicated to getting your kids fitness and healthy. they will do wonders for your child’s body and self-esteem, but your child must have a proper diet to help you lose weight and get fit.

Exercise more: The best way to improve your kids metabolism is to exercise more. Weight training or basically concentrating on building muscles will ensure that your kid burns more calories. This means they will lose weight faster. High intensity cardiovascular workouts are extremely beneficial for those children who are looking to improve their metabolism.

If you live within walking distance of your school, grocery store or church, make it a habit to walk to these destinations more often. You would not believe how many calories you can burn if you do these little exercises in addition to your routine. This is why a kids fitness personal trainer is highly recommended.

Eat more: You may feel surprised to read this, but it is true. Eat small wholesome meals in two hour intervals in order to boost your metabolism. Your body works off all the calories you ingest when you eat small meals and this prevents the storage of fats. So eat more and eat healthy is the motto of our kids trainers in Sydney. Starving yourself is never the answer weight loss. You may lose little weight initially, but eventually your body trains itself to use lesser amounts of calories. This leaves you feeling weak and uneasy.

Sleep more: Your body faces a lot of wear and tear throughout the day. In addition to this, to keep it in top condition, you must exercise rigorously. To make sure your body regenerates well, you must sleep well. Not sleeping well leaves your body tired and cranky. Studies show that people who do not have regular sleeping hours eat more and gain more weight. It also hampers their productivity levels throughout the day.

Drink lots of water throughout the day. This keeps you hydrated, and makes you feel less hungry. It also rejuvenates your metabolism. Eat plenty of fruits, dry fruits and nuts. Green vegetables are a great addition to your diet. All these are energy boosting foods that increase your metabolism.

Improving your metabolism is the first of many ways to improve your health and lose weight. However, only having a balanced diet is not enough. Since most of us lead sedentary lifestyles, it is a good idea to enroll in kids boot camp in the Northern Beaches to take good care of your body.



Several people prefer hiring a personal trainer to help them maintain their overall fitness and health. A fitness trainer is suitably qualified to help you lose weight, tone your body and even give you diet tips. In today’s hectic world, working professionals and stay at home mothers find it difficult to take the time to exercise.

Furthermore, while many people may end up trying to follow strict diet regimes to maintain their weight, without the right exercise, they won’t achieve toned bodies. Once you set up your own exercise routine with the help of a personal trainer and realize that your trainer can be of help to friends, keep a few things in mind before you set them up for a workout schedule!

Draw Boundaries

While some many people have no problem sharing their workout and exercise or diet tips, many people tend to stay secretive about these things. You may be eager to share a few details about exercises that help you or diets that work for you, but you should also set boundaries. Don’t reveal everything – that works for your own benefit!

Chances are, your trainer will train your friend more or less in the same way he trains you. Yet, depending on your friend’s body structure, diet and lifestyle, it won’t mirror the same things he teaches you. So, think about how much you want to reveal to your friend and how much you don’t before recommending that your friend train under your trainer too!

Set-up your Schedule First

You probably already have an exercise schedule in place and if you are thinking of asking your friend to train under the same trainer as you, stick to your schedule. Ensure that your friend knows that you have no intention of changing your work out time or schedule. You definitely don’t want to be part of petty arguments in the future over this. Ensure you speak to a personal trainer too so as to avoid problems later.

Don’t Compare

Training under the same trainer at different times is not a personal trainingbad idea if you have a decent relationship with your friend. However, ensure that you don’t start comparing notes every time you meet. Avoid talking about what the trainer said or what exercises he told you to perform or how much time he spent teaching you something new. Your friend’s workout schedule and yours are two different things. Keep it as distant as possible.

Don’t Find Fault

It’s when you compare notes that you’ll start finding faults that may not be there in the first place. If your friend says that your fitness trainer spends more than the slotted one hour to train her, you may get rattled.

Avoid finding these faults unnecessarily because it will ruin your peace of mind. Believe in your trainer and remember that fitness trainers have more to lose by showing preferential behaviour towards one customer and not the other.

Enjoy your workout!

Kettlebell Training For Weight Loss

Since it is most people as wish to achieve weight loss at some level, you can be sure all ways and means are tried out as many of which do not work. This is because there are many myths that exist when it comes to losing weight. The following tips helped making the best female weight loss success stories on the internet, you can see the full article at Functional Fitness Courses.

Dieting Vs Kettlebell Training

It is easy for people to give up certain foods that add unwanted kilos to the body, thinking they will lose weight. There is a whole selection of food choices available so just cutting out some foods rich in sugars and fats to lose weight is not always the best answer.

Whatever foods you consume you still need to burn calories. This is done by training with a kettlebell. It does not mean you have to rush off to the gym and sweat it out for a couple of hours. You can grab yourself a kettlebell and smash out a quick 30-minute workout.

Here are my workout tips : Kettlebell training will not only boost your heart, it will also help stable blood pressure levels and give you an all-over feeling of good health. You can start with a 30 minute walk and if time and opportunity permit, repeat it least 5 times in a day. Once you are comfortable with the kettlebell routine you can increase the time and briskness of your movements.

Becoming a certified kettlebell instructor is a great way to learn how to use kettlebells correctly so you can enjoy training safely.

Low Metabolic Ratemuscle

It is certainly a myth that if you have a low metabolic rate you will weigh more. When gain body fat, it also develops muscle to support the fat.

This means that your weight includes around 30% muscle. If you have more muscle, the muscle tissue will burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate. So such excess weight shows up as greater metabolic rate.

Genetic Inheritance

Inheriting weight from your parents is a total myth. What you inherit are specific genes and there is certainly no gene called a fat gene. What could have spiked such a myth is, when in a particular family you see a few members tending to go the obese way.

This is because if the parents are obese it may be because of their wrong eating and lifestyle habits. Having indulged themselves they pass on these wrong habits to the children who will in turn become obese.

Avoid carbohydrates

You may have heard that carbohydrates are not good when it comes to weight loss. What you need to understand is that carbohydrates are a primary source of fuel which is required for your body’s engine.

If you eat food containing simple carbohydrates (unlike high fructose corn syrup and sugar) you will be eliminating the high calorie content of carbohydrates and this will help in losing weight. A diet which includes complex carbohydrates such as starches and whole grain and is low in fat will definitely help when it comes to weight loss.

High protein

Yes. Protein is good, but if your meals mainly consist of high protein food such as eggs, cheese, meat etc you may be building excess cholesterol and fat which can lead to heart disease. You should make your meal a mix of fruits, whole grains and vegetables which will add the required minerals and vitamins your body requires.

Late Night Eating

If you have a heavy meal containing too many calories and go to bed late, your body will store these extra calories in the form of fat. So if you need to have a heavy meal when out or entertaining, make sure you leave enough time to digest the food before hopping into bed.

Effective strategy to boost your metabolic rate

Whenever you indulge in any exercise such as walking, swimming or running, increase the intensity for intervals of about 30 seconds, and then go back to your normal previous speeds.

This strategy as any personal trainer will tell you helps your body to eat up more oxygen and make your cells into powerhouses – the mitochondria. If you work harder you will burn more energy. A great way to obtain automatic weight loss is when the mitochondria increases and in turn it will burn efficiently the whole day.

The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you try to skip breakfast your body will get starved and your metabolism will slow down heavily to conserve your energy.

So your breakfast should be a well-balanced meal consisting of food that will take longer to digest and keep you from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. A good breakfast should contain a mix of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fats that are healthy. Eggs, oats and berries are ideal foods for breakfast.

If you follow the above tips or hire the services of a personal trainer you will find that you can exercise for a much lesser time plodding along at a boring pace, and yet surprisingly, you will be able to achieve very good results.

Things to Know about Personal Training Certifications

In this age, where everybody is conscious about eating healthy and staying fit, the personal training business is booming. If you have the passion for those six pack abs, have developed strong biceps and enjoy experimenting with different fitness regimes, then you are the perfect candidate for becoming a personal fitness trainer.

However, all clients expect certain standards including your prescribed fitness plan as well as personal trainer certification. So, when your client chooses you, it is because of those framed certificates hanging on your office walls.

If you want to acquire a personal training certificate, you need to keep the following factors in mind.

fitness courses

Choose from Various Personal Training Certifications           

If you are an experienced trainer specialising in krav maga or boxing, here is your chance to learn something new. Sign up for courses that offer you a different fitness specialisation.

While many online classes are available, you will be able pick up quickly during training sessions if you are physically present in the class. In addition, your trainer or professor will be able to correct your mistakes immediately, a definitive advantage over virtual classes.

Subsequently, you can also offer an enhanced variety of fitness regimes for your clients. Start with short term courses and then decide on a long term course. As you keep donning the selected office wall with your fitness courses you will gain a credible reputation.

Broaden Your Trainers’ Network

If you are beginner at being a trainer, your best back up is joining a personal trainer certifications group. You will learn business tips, smart marketing strategies and understand standard market practices when you attend the group’s seminar or meetings.

When you become a part of these groups, you also get a certification that works as a stamp of approval from the industry perspective.

However, don’t be misled by groups or associations that go by sophisticated names. It is always better to trust the recommendations of other personal trainers than joining one that is not recognised by the industry.

Certify Your Growing Career

If you want to increase your customer base, then take a step back and think like a customer. A client will always choose a trainer who has been endorsed by multiple personal training certifications.

In fact, a client does not mind shelling out more if he or she is convinced with your credibility and experience. And, the best way to build that confidence is showcase your wall of fame, which means the certificates that you have acquired over the years.

Experiment Your Way to Fame

While the certificates may convince your clients to join your training programmes, living up to those expectations comes with the wealth of knowledge that you acquire while working for those certificates. And, by offering different permutations and combinations to keep your client’s weight in check, you will soon turn into a celebrity trainer.

Holistic View

Fitness courses can help you to become the most talked about personal trainer as it gives a visual validation of your experience and expertise.