Kettlebell Training For Weight Loss

Since it is most people as wish to achieve weight loss at some level, you can be sure all ways and means are tried out as many of which do not work. This is because there are many myths that exist when it comes to losing weight. The following tips helped making the best female weight loss success stories on the internet, you can see the full article at Functional Fitness Courses.

Dieting Vs Kettlebell Training

It is easy for people to give up certain foods that add unwanted kilos to the body, thinking they will lose weight. There is a whole selection of food choices available so just cutting out some foods rich in sugars and fats to lose weight is not always the best answer.

Whatever foods you consume you still need to burn calories. This is done by training with a kettlebell. It does not mean you have to rush off to the gym and sweat it out for a couple of hours. You can grab yourself a kettlebell and smash out a quick 30-minute workout.

Here are my workout tips : Kettlebell training will not only boost your heart, it will also help stable blood pressure levels and give you an all-over feeling of good health. You can start with a 30 minute walk and if time and opportunity permit, repeat it least 5 times in a day. Once you are comfortable with the kettlebell routine you can increase the time and briskness of your movements.

Becoming a certified kettlebell instructor is a great way to learn how to use kettlebells correctly so you can enjoy training safely.

Low Metabolic Ratemuscle

It is certainly a myth that if you have a low metabolic rate you will weigh more. When gain body fat, it also develops muscle to support the fat.

This means that your weight includes around 30% muscle. If you have more muscle, the muscle tissue will burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate. So such excess weight shows up as greater metabolic rate.

Genetic Inheritance

Inheriting weight from your parents is a total myth. What you inherit are specific genes and there is certainly no gene called a fat gene. What could have spiked such a myth is, when in a particular family you see a few members tending to go the obese way.

This is because if the parents are obese it may be because of their wrong eating and lifestyle habits. Having indulged themselves they pass on these wrong habits to the children who will in turn become obese.

Avoid carbohydrates

You may have heard that carbohydrates are not good when it comes to weight loss. What you need to understand is that carbohydrates are a primary source of fuel which is required for your body’s engine.

If you eat food containing simple carbohydrates (unlike high fructose corn syrup and sugar) you will be eliminating the high calorie content of carbohydrates and this will help in losing weight. A diet which includes complex carbohydrates such as starches and whole grain and is low in fat will definitely help when it comes to weight loss.

High protein

Yes. Protein is good, but if your meals mainly consist of high protein food such as eggs, cheese, meat etc you may be building excess cholesterol and fat which can lead to heart disease. You should make your meal a mix of fruits, whole grains and vegetables which will add the required minerals and vitamins your body requires.

Late Night Eating

If you have a heavy meal containing too many calories and go to bed late, your body will store these extra calories in the form of fat. So if you need to have a heavy meal when out or entertaining, make sure you leave enough time to digest the food before hopping into bed.