Functional Fitness Trainers Marketing Tips

Getting more clients for your functional training business is a constant challenge that all functional trainer and fitness instructors face. It is important to use various online marketing strategies to attract new clients and sell your skills to them

Word of mouth
This is the most common and widely used fitness marketing tool that is often overlooked by many. There is no better marketing tool than having an existing client advertise your services to procure new members for your services. This is the precise reason why you must keep your existing clients happy with your services and occasionally reward their loyalty by giving them goodies, discounts, schemes and free training sessions.

Ask your existing clients to get new memberships and reward them for it. Many functional trainers come up with such schemes and organize competitions. This encourages clients to advertise your services and get new clients. For every referral that they make, they can be awarded with loyalty points which they can redeem for a gift or for free training sessions.

The internet can be a great way to find new clients, particulary Google and Bing. Fitness SEO is big business for those who know search engine optimization.

Be Different
Stand out in the market place, learn new skills and train with tools that will set you apart. Dangerously Fit Steel Clubs is a great place to buy functional training equipment and I highly recommend you start there before you go to one of the big retailers.