Effective strategy to boost your metabolic rate

Whenever you indulge in any exercise such as walking, swimming or running, increase the intensity for intervals of about 30 seconds, and then go back to your normal previous speeds.

This strategy as any personal trainer will tell you helps your body to eat up more oxygen and make your cells into powerhouses – the mitochondria. If you work harder you will burn more energy. A great way to obtain automatic weight loss is when the mitochondria increases and in turn it will burn efficiently the whole day.


The importance of breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you try to skip breakfast your body will get starved and your metabolism will slow down heavily to conserve your energy.

So your breakfast should be a well-balanced meal consisting of food that will take longer to digest and keep you from feeling hungry for a longer period of time. A good breakfast should contain a mix of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and fats that are healthy. Eggs, oats and berries are ideal foods for breakfast.

If you follow the above tips or hire the services of a personal trainer you will find that you can exercise for a much lesser time plodding along at a boring pace, and yet surprisingly, you will be able to achieve very good results.