Tips For Marketing Your Personal Training CEC Courses

Running personal trainer cec courses is very demanding. It is like a one-man show as you are in charge of everything – right from working with your clients, to handling the financial transactions, as well as marketing your business and having an awesome website design to bring on more clients. It can not only get tiring but also pinch your pocket as you have to plan carefully about every expense. So, if you are on a tight budget, then it will compromise on your fitness marketing strategy.

Alternatively, once you have invested in your website design you must also think of a few low cost fitness marketing ideas so that you are able to promote your business without spending much, then here are few tips.

Send press releases

Remember, since you are the start of your company, you have to constantly promote yourself. Write press releases and send it across the local and community newspapers. A press release is an effective way to reach out a lot of people in one go.

The icing on top would be if you are working with a local celebrity or an eminent personality. All you have to do is ask the celebrity or eminent personality to endorse your work in the press release. When a famous person recognises your work, then you are an instant hit and your demand increases around your area. Dangerously Fit Personal Training are excellent at this, just take a look at their Facebook Page and you’ll see what I mean.

Flyer campaigns every month

It is so easy for people to forget your existence if you do not actively keep reminding them of your personal training business. As part of the fitness marketing strategy, flyer campaigns work really well. Write your content clearly and make sure your address is mentioned in bold. In addition, go for colours that are attractive. Yellow and black is a great combination and works every time to grab future customer’s attention. Visit for more information.

Get involved with your community

If your community is organising a marathon, then you can always volunteer and organise a booth. Since you are a personal trainer by profession, you can conduct workshops on what needs to be done to sustain your energy during a marathon. Keep the workshops free so that there are more and more members who can attend it. In the end, it is a win-win situation, as you are getting a strong exposure. In addition, when your suggested tips for the marathon work, you will earn more clients as they would start believing in your potential as a personal trainer.

Social media

Remember, there is nothing like spreading the message through social media. Create a page with your business name on Facebook and create a handle with the same on twitter. You can give out daily health tips, post videos of your workouts, post videos of your client’s testimonials. It will generate interest and create a buzz about your business on social media. Reach out to as many people asking them to like your page or follow you.

Keep your business card all the time

Business cards are your instant promotion cards. If you get introduced to anybody, just hand over your card and talk a little bit about your personal training business. In this way, you will attract a lot of young enthusiasts who want to focus on their health and fitness certifications.



Several people prefer hiring a personal trainer to help them maintain their overall fitness and health. A fitness trainer is suitably qualified to help you lose weight, tone your body and even give you diet tips. In today’s hectic world, working professionals and stay at home mothers find it difficult to take the time to exercise.

Furthermore, while many people may end up trying to follow strict diet regimes to maintain their weight, without the right exercise, they won’t achieve toned bodies. Once you set up your own exercise routine with the help of a personal trainer and realize that your trainer can be of help to friends, keep a few things in mind before you set them up for a workout schedule!

Draw Boundaries

While some many people have no problem sharing their workout and exercise or diet tips, many people tend to stay secretive about these things. You may be eager to share a few details about exercises that help you or diets that work for you, but you should also set boundaries. Don’t reveal everything – that works for your own benefit!

Chances are, your trainer will train your friend more or less in the same way he trains you. Yet, depending on your friend’s body structure, diet and lifestyle, it won’t mirror the same things he teaches you. So, think about how much you want to reveal to your friend and how much you don’t before recommending that your friend train under your trainer too!

Set-up your Schedule First

You probably already have an exercise schedule in place and if you are thinking of asking your friend to train under the same trainer as you, stick to your schedule. Ensure that your friend knows that you have no intention of changing your work out time or schedule. You definitely don’t want to be part of petty arguments in the future over this. Ensure you speak to a personal trainer too so as to avoid problems later.

Don’t Compare

Training under the same trainer at different times is not a personal trainingbad idea if you have a decent relationship with your friend. However, ensure that you don’t start comparing notes every time you meet. Avoid talking about what the trainer said or what exercises he told you to perform or how much time he spent teaching you something new. Your friend’s workout schedule and yours are two different things. Keep it as distant as possible.

Don’t Find Fault

It’s when you compare notes that you’ll start finding faults that may not be there in the first place. If your friend says that your fitness trainer spends more than the slotted one hour to train her, you may get rattled.

Avoid finding these faults unnecessarily because it will ruin your peace of mind. Believe in your trainer and remember that fitness trainers have more to lose by showing preferential behaviour towards one customer and not the other.

Enjoy your workout!

Perth Personal Trainer

I am John Berry, a professional Perth Personal Trainer with years of experience in the field of fitness training. I have spent more than a decade training clients from different walks of life. I used to train in various gyms in the UK. Over the years, I learnt more skills on the job and moved to the USA. In the field of fitness, experience counts, it helps you teach your exercises in a clearer manner with finesse. Along with experience, another important factor is adequate certification. You need to come across as a reliable trainer in front of new clients! The best way to do that is through reference or by showing off your certifications!

I pursued a degree in fitness training after realizing how passionate I was about the field. When I started out as a trainer in the UK, I enjoyed the simplicity of learning new exercises from my senior trainers and teaching them to clients. Over the years, my skills developed and I became more professional in my manners. It was easier to deal with a variety of clients and help them achieve their objective.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

I enjoy exercising and if I can help others achieve their fitness goals by doing what I like doing, it makes everything worthwhile! I plan to get more certifications in place, in the field of fitness. I may also upgrade my certifications in the area of diet management and advice. It takes a balance of good diets and proper exercises to help you lose weight or stay healthy. You can either choose to go to professional trainer or dietician to get that balance or make one for yourself. Many a times, people do not achieve their fitness objectives because they have either not been eating right or they do not exercise correctly.

When it comes to exercise, it is important to be regular at it. This is where the role of the personal trainer is important. The Perth Personal Trainer will be able to motivate you and help you. I can be hired as a Perth Personal Trainer to help you achieve your fitness goals.